The Online H.A.T.E. (Hostile Anti-Truth Environment) is Hindering the Gospel on Google!

CENSORSHIP by Google has resulted in our incoming visitors and thus our gospel presentations dropping by over 50% just in May and 83% for the year. In spite of Google’s sinister agenda GOD is still on the throne and people are still getting saved and rededicating their lives to Him!

Since the founding of All About GOD Ministries on February 21, 2002 we have battled Google for the right to proclaim the Gospel and doctrinal truth on their search engine. Time does not permit me to tell you the battles in this ongoing war as I am trying to keep this to one page, but I could easily fill a book.

While Americans have yet to experience persecution like in other countries in times past where people were killed as a witness for their believing loyalty in our LORD, I can tell you of digital persecution today. No, it’s not the same as physical persecution and I would not claim that it is. However, for me—a man who was saved, healed from a terminal illness and blessed with overseeing this online mission—I would willingly give my physical life to have the gospel go forth unhindered and uncensored online! That’s not some dramatic statement to get your attention it’s the simple truth! I’d be a martyr in a heartbeat if it would ensure that the gospel was NOT censored!

Why? Because I am deeply grieved that nearly two people die every single second of every day. That’s 161,513 people that will die today ( and most don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus (Matthew 7:13-14).

The Big Tech Giants and Google

The problem is the unchecked power of the big tech giants—especially Google when it comes to our outreach—dominating the Internet. So why is Google so important to outreach? Think about it. When people search online for something that could lead them to Jesus, they already recognize their need. We aren’t fighting to get their attention like on Facebook. We aren’t pushing information to them. Instead they are initiating the search, so they are pulling information for themselves. It’s like the difference between a cold call and a hot lead for a salesperson.

With 83,195 searches happening globally on Google every second (, think about how powerful it is to rank near the top of page one of Google. We achieve our top-ranking results by SEO. I have been doing Search Engine Optimization as a practitioner and consultant since 1995. It is our primary method for outreach because it's the most cost-effective with a gospel presentation at less than a penny per person!

We used to rank #1 for “pro-choice” and “pro-choice abortion” ( where we would engage the debate from a biblical perspective. Google has shifted its ranking algorithm based on some very subjective criteria that basically allows them to determine, “What is Truth?” much like Pilate asked Jesus.

Google contracts with 10,000+ content evaluators to review websites and webpages and they are instructed to use a 167-page document called the “Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines” in combination with their own subjective judgment to determine content quality. This is very problematic as the people that Google employs or contracts with are rarely conservative and even more rarely Christian. Those that may be, typically don’t last long. If the evaluators tasked with judging the quality of content do not share nor tolerate our worldview the search results will be skewed to show liberal content and non-biblical values.

Excerpts from Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guideline

One criterion used by Google's contracted evaluators is YMYL (Your Money or Your Life). What follows are three excerpts from Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines:

  • Excerpt 1: “There are many other topics related to big decisions or important aspects of people’s lives which thus may be considered YMYL, such as fitness and nutrition, housing information, choosing a college, finding a job, etc. Please use your judgment.” Google's content evaluators use their own subjective judgment on websites and pages that appear to them to be “big decisions or important aspects of people’s lives.” What is the biggest decision that a person can make? Clearly, YMYL includes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m going to provide more quotes to back this claim.
  • Excerpt 2: “information about or claims related to groups of people, including but not limited to those grouped on the basis of race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity” are YMYL pages. Thus, if we state the Bible says pre-marital sex, adultery, and homosexuality are all sin then our content will have a problem ranking long-term in Google. used to have the #1 ranking article on Google asking, “Is Homosexuality a sin?”. It ranks on page 3 now and nearly every article on page one shares an unbiblical view of that issue. And finally, if you weren’t convinced by the former excerpts this last one should nail it for you.
  • Excerpt 3: “Understand the true purpose of the page. Websites or pages without any beneficial purpose, including pages that are created with no attempt to help users, or pages that potentially spread hate, cause harm, or misinform or deceive users, should receive the Lowest rating. No further assessment is necessary. How many websites claiming to be Christian might be seen through worldly eyes as simply hate because we love God and others enough to tell them the Truth. How many unsaved people that hold a very liberal view even believe there is absolute truth? Isn’t our world drowning in relativism? Many of our pages have been marked as Lowest quality and are thus penalized from ranking well due to content alone.

One More Example of Censored Content

Every month in America 22,000 people try to find the best way to commit suicide. We used to have the #1 ranking page entitled “How to commit suicide?”. Our website was the only Christian website on page one pointing those people to the gospel and connecting them to get immediate help. Apparently, Google thinks that only worldly solutions should be ranked today. How do you think an unsaved Google evaluator would assess our motives in trying to address their problem from a spiritual perspective? Maybe they believe we are trying to suck people into a “cult” and take their money. Would they understand our love for others compels us to introduce that hopeless person to Jesus, as well as, connect them to a professional counselor?

We have fought censorship with every legitimate tactic we can muster. Have we given up? No. But the data from our network of websites and other gospel-proclaiming websites like and does show that barring an intervention by God or the government this war on truth will ultimately be lost on Google.

Resilient Truth

Should our LORD tarry and things become worse, I believe Christians will not be allowed to have websites, domains names, or website hosting contracts because our "hate-speech" will make those services and their contracts with us illegal. I don’t think that day is quite here but it’s definitely closer than ever before.

We have detailed plans for what Christians need to do to continue online outreach in a Hostile Anti-Truth Environment. We call this project: Resilient Truth. We already have prototypes of online technologies that allows for Christians to “occupy until He comes.” I will be explaining this in more detail in my upcoming letters. Please pray for us as we build this technology for all Christians! Ultimately, this is a spiritual battle against the dark side (Ephesians 6:12) but we know how this all ends. WE WIN! Come Soon LORD Jesus!

If you are interested in learning more on how you can help in this effort, please call me at 719-244-7788.

Greg Outlaw, CEO

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