Online H.A.T.E. (Hostile Anti-Truth Environment) To Be Exposed by Senator Hawley

John Ehrett, Deputy Counsel to Senator Josh Hawley has asked me to present my research on Google's censorship of the gospel and a Christian worldview. This viewpoint discrimination is not only happening to All About GOD’s 50+ websites but to other Christian ministries’ websites. I have written a detailed document that clearly demonstrates Google's sinister agenda not only to silence truth but to determine it for future generations and use manipulation to reinforce the lies they are promoting.

Here is the highlight abstract of my document:

At least 70 non-profit Christian websites have lost an average of 44.8% of their organic traffic coming from Google since June 2019. Google has overstepped its bounds in its mission to organize the world’s information and has positioned itself to become the arbiter of facts and truth. This arrogance by its liberal leadership and workforce has been embodied into an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that was trained on a corpus of liberal websites that has led to clear viewpoint discrimination against political conservatives and conservative Christian values/worldview. Further, that workforce continually reinforces the deep learning bias of the AI developed by Google by subjectively applying their discriminatory “Search Engine Evaluator Guidelines” that lead to a cycle of de-ranking conservative and Christian content in Google’s search results. Additionally, certain worldview search terms that have regularly been used by conservative Christian websites to share their beliefs and the gospel are being replaced with liberal websites leading to behavioral modification of those people that use Google. This SEME (Search Engine Manipulation Effect), as termed by Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist, at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, is by design. Considering the state of America today, George Orwell’s warning may have been prescient, “Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.” Put more succinctly, “He who controls the information controls the world.”

You can read my entire document before it is released to Senator Hawley at Hawley-fn.pdf or Hawley.pdf (without footnotes). Please pray that our LORD would use this document for His purpose.

Websites that are being actively censored by Google include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many others.

Big Tech and Financial Giants Use the SPLC Hate Group List

Google is not the only Big Tech Giant “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.” Facebook, Twitter, and Apple continue to censor posts, tweets and apps. Amazon’s Smile program that was meant to help fund non-profit organizations, uses the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Hate Groups list which includes many Christian organizations, to refuse eligibility for their program. Even Fidelity, Schwab and PayPal use the SPLC list to hinder the flow of funds to conservative and Christian organizations. Indeed, the level of animosity against conservative values and the gospel has reached an unprecedented level in America. This is especially true of the Big Tech monopolies that exist online.

I participated in a Digital Ministry Conference Panel a little over a month ago with Digital Freedom Fighter, Craig Parshall who is Special Counsel to the ACLJ. During that panel, Parshall stated, “Facebook owns and controls four out of six of the world’s largest social media sites. Google has 90% of all search engine activity and traffic. Twitter is relied on by about 83% of all journalists. Professional journalists use Twitter almost exclusively both to receive information tips and the output in terms of their headlines. The US Supreme Court, just a couple of months ago, said Apple is so iconic that we now use App in a universal way. Well that’s Apple; they own the App market. The market dominance is the problem.” You can watch the 45-minute video of the panel discussion between Craig Parshall, Greg Gudorf (former CEO of Pure Flix), Rod Roth (former CIO of Samaritan Ministries) and myself here:

Why Resilient Truth?

Regardless of the opposition we face, will not compromise the Truth—the message of the gospel—because our culture and the tech giants are offended by it. We also cannot compromise on what sin is and how it is defined Biblically. Without being able to call sin what it is or help people that are dealing with the consequences of sin there is nothing personally applicable to why Jesus died and rose again! The Bible says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14 NKJV). That is WHY we are undertaking the Resilient Truth project.

In this war against the Gospel, how can AllAboutGOD and other Christian outreaches be more resilient in a technological sense that increases impact? That will take a while to unpack so we are putting together some videos to better explain the details. For now, I want you to watch this video: and share it.

My research that Senator Hawley’s office requested ( clearly demonstrates that the H.A.T.E. (Hostile Anti-Truth Environment) online is hindering the gospel. After analyzing 70 websites I have found that the bolder the gospel is displayed, and the more our Christian worldview is leveraged for evangelism the greater those websites are penalized. Apparently, the message from Google is if you attempt to share your Christian beliefs with others outside the faith, we will de-rank you but if you simply keep those beliefs behind the four walls or within the Christian community you are OK—at least, for now. This is a Satanic agenda that is designed to hinder the gospel, thus “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18)!

We are working diligently to develop the Resilient Truth technology and tactics that we intend on sharing with other Christian websites. Please pray for us and the other Christian Ministries that have been negatively impacted by Google and the other Big Tech Giants. Pray for our enemies—the employees and leaders working at the tech giants—to come to faith in Christ.

Satan knows evangelism is the best way to combat the online H.A.T.E. (Hostile Anti-Truth Environment). Pray for the Resilient Truth project. Pray that we would find solutions that result in the gospel going forth unhindered!

If you are interested in learning more on how you can help in this effort, please call or txt me at 719-244-7788.

Greg Outlaw, CEO

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